We tread an uncompromising path to bring you the best of nature. 

At Coconess, we seek a holistic approach to wellness: one that takes a deeper look at modern living. We do this through the coconut – nature’s miracle fruit, combined with the very best extracts if nature.

We strongly believe that our skin, hair and body must be given the opportunity of using the best quality ingredients, that are free from chemical processing, additives such as parabens, phthalates and aluminium. 


Our strengths



All our products are based on Ayurvedic formulations, perfected and documented over 2000 years ago, and further developed by our team of scientists and doctors. We are licensed under the Government of India’s Department of AYUSH.

We follow strict manufacturing and processing guidelines that ensure that all our products are consistent, controlled according to strict quality standards, and designed to minimize risk. We are a GMP-certified enterprise.

Our virgin coconut oil is tested at the Central Food Technology Research Institute (India), and is certified to have 52% Lauric Acid, 6% Capric Acid, and 6% Capryllic Acid. That makes a total of 64% Medium-chain fats.

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My name is Kaavya Nag, and I am the person behind Coconess.

I grew up on a farm, quite close to the city of Bangalore. This is where we make Coconess.

I heard about virgin coconut oil in early 2010 – at a time when I didn’t quite know that there was even a difference between regular coconut oil and virgin oil. My journey since, has been filled with awe, astonishment, about just how many ways one can use coconut for health and wellness.

As I researched about the benefits of virgin coconut oil, and peeled the many layers of myth surrounding it, I realised that even though I had grown up on a coconut farm in the middle of coconut country, I knew almost nothing about its benefits. I came across Ayurvedic texts – over 2000 years old – that detailed the scientific preparation and use of virgin coconut oil, painstakingly prepared from coconut milk and precious herbs, for infants, for mothers-to-be, and as a cure-all salve for cuts, burns, bruises and infections. How had we managed to forget about such an amazing oil?

That was when I decided it was time to share the many benefits of this miracle oil of nature with more people, and especially with those of us from the subcontinent who have forgotten just how amazing the ‘Kalpavriksh’ tree really is.

This is me, and this picture is incidentally from the day I got married, on my dear coconut farm!

This is me