Cellulite Loofah


A Khus Root Cellulite Loofah that helps:
*Gently exfoliate skin
*Build circulation
*Detox skin

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Product Description

Skin is our largest organ: it literally keeps us in shape. It is not an impervious layer – it is alive, and needs as much love and care as the rest of our body.

Our Cellulite Loofah is made out of Khus or Vetiver Root – used across India for hundreds of years as in skin care for it’s anti-microbial, healing and anti-ageing properties.

*Apply a thin layer of Coconess Toning Oil onto skin after wetting your body.
*Scrub gently with our Cellulite Loofah, starting from the toes, moving up to the shoulders
* Apply soap if you wish to, and wash off.
* Wash and drain loofah and keep upright until completely dry.

*Exfoliates gently
*Helps re-establish skin’s youthful glow
*Helps boost skin-circulation
*Detoxes skin
*Khus has natural anti-ageing properties that help skin glow

Replace your loofah each month.
Keep in a dry, well-ventilated place.
If it starts to smell odd, wash with mild soap and dry in strong sunlight. If smell persists, replace with a new loofah.

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