Health Tonic


  • – 100% pure
  • – Raw, cold-processed
  • – Made from coconut milk
  • – No refining, bleaching, deodorising
  • – Safe for diabetics
  • – Does not increase cholesterol; Heart-healthy
  • – Rich in natural vitamin E, anti-oxidants
  • – Boost energy, metabolism
  • – Anti-bacterial Lauric Acid to boost immunity
  • – Anti-fungal Capric and Capryllic Acids to fight fungal infections

Coconess virgin coconut oil is nature’s miracle oil, made from the finest farm-fresh coconut milk.

Net. Wt: 220 g/250 ml

*Note for those in Bangalore: available online @bigbasket at local (Karnataka) rates. Rate of Rs.400.00 listed on our website is for outside Karnataka/all-India.

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Product Description

Coconess Health Tonic is a celebration of the magical properties of virgin coconut oil. Often called nature’s miracle oil, virgin coconut oil has been revered for centuries for its health-giving and healing properties.

Coconess is 100% pure, made from coconut milk, using a raw, cold-process technology. This process does not use any heat, chemicals, solvents or enzymes, and the result is the finest quality, light, non-greasy virgin coconut oil, rich in natural anti-oxidants, Vitamin E and provitamin A.

Coconess contains 52% Lauric Acid – a unique medium-chain fat otherwise found only in mother’s milk. Lauric Acid digests in our body without being stored as fat, and is converted almost directly into energy. This is why Lauric Acid has long been isolated and added to sports formulae and infant foods. What’s more, Lauric Acid is a powerful anti-bacterial and anti-viral agent, that helps boost immunity.

Read our FAQs to find out more about why Coconess Health Tonic is one of the best things you can introduce into your kitchen and your life.


  • – A tablespoon a day will do wonders for your health, metabolism and immunity
  • – Use as a cooking-oil substitute
  • – Use in baking
  • – Drizzle onto salads
  • – Make smoothies

Net Wt: 220 g/ 250 ml
Do not put moist hands into bottle.

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