Why coconess


Coconess is our deep belief in natural wellness the coconut-way.

Backed by scientific research and traditional Ayurvedic medicinal systems, we create the purest wellness oils for babies, mamas, and every one else.

Ours are not cosmetic products. They are effective, bio-compatible with human skin, and work to nourish and heal the natural way.


We believe in the magic of less processing, and in bringing you products that are as as close to nature as possible. This is why we use a cold-process technology to make all Coconess products. A process that does not not require any chemicals, solvents or enzymes.

We are our own manufacturers – we formulate our products, source the best ingredients from around India, and manufacture all our products ourselves, right here on the Coconess farm.

We create honest products, made from some of nature’s most precious ingredients, known for their ability to work on the body, skin and mind, from inside and out.


Synthetic ingredients have no place in the products we use everyday in our food, for our health, and on our skin.

The products we make are 100% pure.
NO mineral oil
NO petroleum products
NO parabens
NO synthetic fragrances
NO synthetic colours

Naturally derived ingredients are not only compatible with our bodies, they also deliver some pretty amazing results!
We are committed to keeping all our creations 100% natural and non-toxic.