In-house Research & Formulation
We start with a need; with a problem that needs solving.
We then then seek out the best natural ingredients that can help address it.  And we get the best minds to help us identify the right combination of ingredients we need to use.
We believe there is really no other way to go about things.

Honest. 100% pure.
Chemicals like parabens and phthalates are now known to have ‘hormone disrupting functions’. They mimic hormones such as oestrogen, and interfere with human well-being over the short and long-term. We strongly believe in creating wellness – internal and external – that is bio-compatible, and that actually benefits our body.
We are not one of those enterprises that claim to be natural, but that add fillers,parabens or phthalates; that make up the volumes to be ‘quantitiy sufficient’ – what you see as ‘QS’ on many labels – with petroleum derivatives; or that do not disclose our full ingredients.

Highest Quality Ingredients
Not all ingredients are created equal.
We use the best quality Himalayan Lavender in our baby oil; Helichrysum (or immortelle), Vetiver and Gotu Kola in our formulations. Our star ingredient – virgin coconut oil – is made using a painstaking cold-process, from coconut milk. None of our ingredients are mass produced, and are therefore a lot more expensive than their chemical siblings.

Glass Packaging
Glass is glass is glass.
Plastic was once considered an inert substance, and is no doubt one of the most convenient forms of packaging ever invented. However, even clear plastic water bottles and some types of baby bottles when re-heated, are known to leach BPAs or Bisphenol A into the water or liquids. Glass has no such issues, and is completely and fully recyclable. We also strongly believe things taste and feel better when they are in glass!