1. What does a massage do for baby?

Of the five senses, touch is the one most developed at birth, and babies respond to gentle touch in a profound way.

Massage therapy helps a baby regulate sleep cycle, gain desirable weight faster, boost muscle development and ease tummy troubles. Besides, research shows that a mother’s loving touch is key to healthy physiological and even neurological development. The baby brain is an amazing learning machine, and its future, is quite literally, in our hands.

So apart from keeping baby’s skin nourished, hydrated and free from infections, a massage a day will really do wonders for baby, while you grow that special bond.

2. How delicate is baby skin?

Infant skin is extremely delicate. It is 40 to 60% thinner than adult skin, has up to five times the skin-surface-area to weight ratio, and is more permeable to fat-soluble substances.

These important differences mean that infants are more susceptible to microbial attacks, more prone to react to irritants and chemical compounds, loose water much faster from their bodies, and have skin that has increased absorption ability, especially to fat-soluble substances.

3. What is Coconess Baby Oil?

Coconess baby oil is inspired by an ancient Ayurvedic formulation that has a history of use for over 2000 years. Coconut milk is infused with natural herbs known to nourish, soothe and tone delicate baby skin.

Coconess is a celebration of virgin coconut oil – often called nature’s miracle oil. It is nature’s richest source of Lauric Acis – a unique immune-boosting fatty acid that is otherwise only found in mother’s milk.

Coconess virgin coconut oil has a lipid composition similar to that of human skin, and small molecular structure. It absorbs easily, does not clog pores, and is light and non-greasy.

We believe that a baby deserves the purest and best that nature can offer. This is why all our creations are 100% natural. They contains absolutely no mineral oil, petroleum products, parabens, artificial fragrances, or artificial colours.

4. What is virgin coconut oil?

Virgin coconut oil is made from coconut milk (and not the dry nut, or copra). It is made without the use of any heat, chemicals, solvents or enymes. It is therefore the purest form of coconut oil you can find.

Virgin coconut oil is nature’s richest source of a unique group of fats called medium-chain triglycerides, or MCTs. Years ago, it was discovered that mother’s milk – which is the ultimate food – also has these unique fats. When consumed or applied on skin, these MCTs break down in our bodies to form powerful immune-boosting compounds that are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral.

5. How do you make Coconess?

Ayurveda describes an elaborate process of preparing this special oil from the milk of the mature coconut, infused with specific and special herbs. We have adapted this preparation using modern scientific processes, while keeping the integrity and efficacy of the oil in place.

Coconut milk is extracted from carefully selected and mature coconuts. We then use a traditional ‘raw’ ‘cold-process’ method to extract virgin coconut oil. The cold-process does not require the use of chemicals, heat, solvents or enzymes.

We infuse our virgin coconut oil with the purest extracts of nature – Himalayan Lavender to soothe, Bramhi (Centella asiatica) and Bala (Sida rhombifolia) – that are carefully selected for their many beneficial properties. To know more about our process, read more about us.