Hand-crafted lighting and living solutions
from the House of Coconess.

Come celebrate the magic of banana-fiber.

Jan 2021 began with an experiment: we started exploring the nature and properties of banana fiber – a by-product of our soap-packing process. 

From there began a deep-dive into the physical properties of banana fiber – one of the strongest natural fibers on Earth. It’s properties make it a perfect mood-lighting material that is durable, light-weight, sustainable, and biodegradable.

With the banana plant, we see many parallels with the humble Coconut – almost the entire plant, from fruit to stem, is used – the fruit, flower, leaf, and stem.

This is what we celebrate with Lighter Than.

This image comes from the Hortus Malabaricus: the oldest comprehensive printed book about the flora (particularly medicinal) of the Malabar region. Scholars and physicians in Malabar sketched and described the local flora and painstakingly documented medicinal applications over a period of 30 years between 1678 – 1693. Their illustrations were then skillfully executed in copperplate engravings and were accompanied by the plants’ names in Latin, Malayalam, Konkani, and Malay transcribed in Arabic script.

Hendrik van Reede tot Drakestein. Hortus Indicus Malabaricus. Amsterdam: Johannes van Someren, 1678. XLarge QK 358 .R341h 1678


Most lampshades today are made industrially, using glass, ceramics, metals and plastics – all resource-intensive materials.

At Lighter Than, we use biodegradable materials sourced from the banana plant, coconut trees, and bamboo, along with metal in small quantities for select products.


Our creations are made to last (with a little TLC), and that mostly has to do with the magical properties of banana fiber.

Used to make textiles, and even currency notes, these fibers are stiff and strong, while being wonderfully lightweight.


Our creations are a revelation: they are incredibly lightweight, and sit gently on standard bulb fittings.

Recommended use: with LED bulbs, dust occasionally with a feather duster.