Welcome to 65 Singasandra!

This is where the idea of Coconess came to be, and this is where we make all of our products – our health tonic, Coconess for Babies, and Coconess for Mummies. Right from the beginning, we were very clear that we wanted to be vertically integrated. We wanted to be the ones to formulate, produce and package all our products. Our farm has given us that opportunity – to experiment; to work with the best Ayurvedic experts and scientists; to start small; and to continue to work in a beautiful haven in the midst of all the madness of city life!


65 Singasandra hasn’t been blessed with an abundance of water. We practice rain water harvesting, all our coconut and mango trees are rainfed, and we believe in sustainable agricultural practices that respect the land.

We have resident geese, ‘nati’ or native chickens, dogs, and a couple of cats that keep us company. They people the place, want to be heard when we talk on the phone, and just make it a really nice place to work.

Schedule a visit by writing to us at coconessindia@gmail.com. We’d be happy to show you around!